Bike Switzerland at work

Bike Switzerland at work

Do you have a large number of bicycle commuters at your place of work ?

Between work and family life, many do not find the time to take their bike across town to a shop. For this reason, Bike Switzerland organizes on-site servicing sessions for local companies and businesses. We arrive early in the morning, set up a workshop on the premises and take employees bicycles as they arrive. In most cases, the employees then receive their serviced bikes back by the end of the working day.

If your company does not have a parking lot or place where servicing is possible, we can also work out a solution whereby we take the bikes to our own workshop near Cornavin station and return the bikes a day or two later.

In most cases, companies will pay us a fee to set-up the workshop and employees then pay for servicing at a rate below our normal workshop prices.

Whether it’s bicycle servicing, organizing an event or purchasing a fleet of electric bikes, we’d like to be your partners in cycling.

Curious about the possibilities and prices, please give us a call or write for more information.