Free Cycling Course for Beginners

Bike Fittings by Physical Therapist

Scott Cornish will find solutions to allow you to ride longer, stronger and more comfortably on your road bike, mountain bike, touring bike or daily commuter.

Residing in Chamonix, Scott will be coming to Geneva on most Saturdays and by appointment during the week as our own free-lance bike fitter.

IBFI Certified Bike Fitter Scott Cornish

Scott is a clinical bike fitter and the only fitter in the area licensed by the International Bicycle Fitting Institute.

Coming with his background as a physio and massage therapist and endurance cyclist. Scott has done over 1200 fittings and combines this experience with his own experience as an endurance racer and bike-packer. Given this, Scott knows a thing or two about why the body hurts and aches and how to optimise individual strength and conditioning training to minimise injury, maximise rehab and improve movement efficacy for cycling.

Bike fitting isn't just about the bike. The body also needs to be examined, be it flexibility, stability and/or strength. Scott's sessions include an initial bio-mechanical assessment off the bike as well as the assessment on the bike. Strength and conditioning exercises are often given out at the end of the session to address imbalances and to improve cycling efficiency and performance.

A bike fit session lasts around 2.5 hours and costs 290 chf.

Advance booking is necessary. Please call the shop or write to

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