Lady Helvetia Jersey

Lady Helvetia Jersey

Helvetia Jersey

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Helvetia: Latin for Switzerland.

Our jersey will be worn by serious cyclists in all 26 cantons, so best to give a name that all of Switzerland’s linguistic regions can embrace.

The Helvetia is hand-sewn from Italian made Interpower fabric. This material is superior to traditional club jersey fabric since it stretches left to right as well as up and down to fit close to your body. No folds or creases will be seen.  The laser cut sleeve cuffs add this seamless fit.

The Helvetia has a full frontal zip, three external pockets as well as a zip pocket to keep that key and those Swiss francs in place. Headphone cables can be threaded through the pockets to prevent flapping in the wind.

The side panels are finely ventilated (not transparent) and reflective Pixel material is used across the back waistband to give high visibility as you coast home on those evening rides.

Finally, we’ve put merino wool inserts under the arms to help evaporate moisture on those long sunny climbs.

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