Nihola Family

Nihola Family

Rent Nihola Family

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Rent Nihola Family

Try out this Nihola Family for the weekend for 100 chf. Pick up on Friday and return on Sunday or Monday. We’ll then subtract the rental fee if you decide to buy yourself a Nihola.

Offer good for in-store pick-up only.

The Danes are world-famous for their design and workmanship.

The ‘Family’ is Nihola’s most popular model and carries two children or loads up to 100 kg.
Totally built and assembled in Denmark, the bike’s low centre of gravity makes the Nihola feel very stable.
Equipped with complex ‘Ackermann’ steering which provides an easy and intuitive ride.

This mechanical or electric packages both come with
•    Rain hood (Choice of 8 colors)
•    Box colour (Choice of 8 colors)
•    Transparent front
•    Bench with seatbelt & cushion
•    Y-belt
•    Wheel-lock
•    Mudguards

This bike is in our shop and can be rented to “try before you buy”.

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