Before you buy it, ride it !

Why ?

We want to make sure that you’re happy with the bike that you buy. For this reason, we encourage you to come in and try several bikes before making a purchase.

Even better, take one of our rental bikes out for the weekend. In this way, you’ll get a feeling for how the bike feels on the road, not just around the block.

Are you comfortable with the gearing ? Does your back hurt after a day in the saddle ? Would you need a different size ? A different model ?

These are important questions and you’ll have the answers after taking the bike out for a day or two.

Money back !

You can rent a Madone, Emonda, or Domane on our rentals website.

And the money that you spend on a rental will be deducted if you purchase a new bike in the same calendar year.


A group of friends rent 5 bikes for 500 chf. Each person receives 100 chf of credit towards a purchase.
One person rents a bike 5 times for a total of 500 chf. This person has 500 chf credit towards a purchase.